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There Is No Growing Debate

You may have heard about a congregation in San Francisco, CA that recently decided to receive into faithful membership those who live non-celibate lives with people of the same sex. This congregation was a church in the denomination I serve, the PCA , a few years ago. They left the PCA and joined the RCA denomination . You can read their announcement here . A picture from worship this past Sunday at Glory, PCA where they had over 30 visitors! A pastor of a PCA church in San Francisco responded to this announcement in a letter to those at City Church, RCA . The pastor is Chris Robins and the church he is planting is Glory, PCA . I have been in contact with Chris and asked for his permission* to reprint his letter here. He graciously gave me permission. Please read Chris' letter below. Consider joining me in praying for the vital work of Glory, PCA in San Francisco. We need more bold churches committed to loving sinners and doing so without compromising Scripture or bringin