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Let's Be Honest

Let's be honest, and I mean that sincerely.

I have friends and extended family members that believe it is important that abortion should be a woman's choice and that it should remain safe, legal and accessible.

There are those who argue for abortion rights on the basis that it is a human right and must necessarily be protected in order to achieve gender equality worldwide.

I disagree...completely. I want to be honest about why I disagree with my family and friends who support a woman's right to have access to safe and legal abortion.

Abortion is the act of killing a baby while in the mother's womb. In some cases, the baby is "partially born" before it is killed.

The recent videos filmed and provided by "The Center for Medical Progress" have left no doubt about the premise; abortion kills the baby while in the mother's womb. For it is upon this premise that the parts; hearts, livers, etc. and tissues of the dead baby can be sold, donated and offe…